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I finally cleaned my room.. korek out all my stuff under the bed and wipe everywhere.. the amount of dust and hair… gosh, I’ve been breathing stuffy air all these while! Thank god for the long weekend! Hehe. Anyways. The room is now clean and nice. 😀

Had a long conversation with a friend and it got me thinking. Are we so dependent on internet nowadays that we’re meeting new people online rather than face to face? And can we trust the people we meet online? I’m not a big fan of meeting newbies online but it seemed to workout for few of my friends. And sex before marriage seems to be a norm for any relationship nowadays… not that I’m against it.. but will it be a requirement for all relationship in order for them to move on?

Haha. Told ya i was bored. Time for detox with green tea!



  1. really very long nevre blog lo u~ duno wat happen..
    how is life in kerteh? heard that few of my batch frenz are there too..enjoy enjoy!

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